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 Sherry Bowen
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Authors Among Us - Children's Writers Who Are or Who Have Been Librarians

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  Pigeon Feathers
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    Little Panda

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What influenced you to become a librarian?

    I've always loved books and my favorite times were spent in the library.

Do you have a library/information science degree? 

    I have an MLS from Georgia State University

What kinds of library positions have you held and where?

    I was in Dekalb County for 14 years as a Media specialist and am now in Gwinnett County where I have been the Media specialist for three years.

How long have you been, a librarian? I have been a librarian for 17 years.

Are you currently working as a librarian?  Yes.

Do you plan to continue in the profession?

Which came first in your life, your career as a librarian or writing for children?

    They both happened at the same time.

Did your library work have anything to do with becoming a children's writer? 

    Not really, but it did help.

Did your library work directly influence your work as an author?

    It influenced me because I could look at the different books by different authors, study different techniques and genres, and also get catalogs from the different publishers and find out what they had already published and when.

Did librarianship increase your knowledge of children’s literature and influence the kinds of things you chose to write?  Yes.

Did incidents from your library work ever make it into your books?
Did you ever set any scenes in your books in the library?

    Oh, yes, definitely!  My story, "Just Plain Jimmy" (Humpty Dumpty Magazine) actually sprang from a little boy whose name I couldn't remember at story time.  I called him "red shirt" because he had on a red shirt.  He looked me square in the eye and said, "It's just Plain Jimmy."

What are the greatest benefits of being a librarian to you as a writer? 

    Finding out what kinds of books kids like to read the most and listening to all kinds of kids of all age levels to see how they think, how they talk and what they like/don't like.

Are there any drawbacks to being a librarian and also a writer?

    Ha!  Time of course.

If you write while working as as librarian, how do you manage the time-juggling act? 

    Very carefully.  I write during breaks, in the car driving in gridlock rush hour traffic, and during meetings.  I keep one ear open and jot notes from the meeting while my brain races off on a story. 

How does your employment impact on how much you write and when you do it? 

    I write after school, during breaks and sometimes during lunch

Did you find any conflicts or job-related difficulties in being both a writer and a librarian?

     The kids would like to see my books when we do lessons about writing, and some faculty members think I'm trying to glory-hog things.  I'm not, because kids love to meet real authors.

How do your library administration and colleagues view your authorship?  Is it appreciated and encouraged?  Are the library patrons/students aware of your writing? 

    The administration and most of my colleagues are proud; some are jealous.  Regular things.  The parents and students think it's great.

Do you feel that librarianship has specific benefits to you as a writer? 

    Yes, as stated before, all the publisher catalogs, various books and authors to preview and study have helped tremendously.

  Sherry Bowen's published work:

    Pigeon Feathers and Little Panda, both with Richard C. Owen Publishers, and nonfiction articles and stories.

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