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Kansas Katie themes

Buttercup - Ranunculus - Wikipedia Entry
Buttercups - Photo

Cattails - Typha - Wikipedia entry
Cattails: Habitat or Hassle
Native Tech: Cattails and Grasses

Corny Culture - Stuff Made With Corn
Kansas Corn Learning Center
The Story of Corn - Quick Facts
Corn - Maize - Wikipedia Entry
The Great Corn Adventure

Cottonwood Trees
Jerri's Cottonwood Tree Photos
Cottonwood (fact page)
Cottonwood Tree Coloring Page
Eastern Cottonwood

Great Plains Nature Center - Western Meadowlark

Patuxent Bird Identification Center: Western Meadowlark

Salmon River Gazette - Western Meadowlark

Nebraska State Historical Society Kids' Fun - Meadowlark Coloring Page

The Prairie
The Konza Prairie
The Konza Prairie Nature Trail in June
The Konza Prairie Nature Trail in October
Nature Conservancy - Konza Prairie

Sunflower Information
Jerri's Kansas Sunflower Photos
Sunflowers - Wikipedia entry
National Sunflower Association

Sod Houses and Sod Buildings
Pioneer Life: Sod Houses
Oklahoma Prairie Country - Sod Houses

Tall Tales
Tall Tales - EduScapes

Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater Editions
(Reader's theater scripts for several tall tales.)

Go to Kansas Katie book pages on this website.

Go to Twister Twyla book pages on this website.

Jerri's Favorite Online Sites of 
Children's and Young Adult Writers
 and Illustrators

Many children's authors and illustrators have web sites
-- and lots don't.  These are some of the best sites we've found.

Children's Authors & Illustrators on the Web
(on Children's Literature Web Guide)

<>Kay Vandergrift's Children's Authors Links

Jan Brett
Betsy Byars
Eric Carle
Beverly Cleary
Anna Grossnickle Hines
Alice McLerran
Katherine Paterson
Dav Pilkey
Robert Quackenbush
Lois Ruby
Janet Stevens

Young Adult Authors

Chris Crutcher

Children's Writers Links
(For people who write for children)
The Basics from Ravenstone Press
Aaron's Kidwriter Page  (From Aaron Shepard)
Aaron's Young Author Page
- For Kids Who Write Stories
Institute of Children's Literature
Children's Writing Resource Center
The Purple Crayon
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators
Verla Kay's Website

Johnny Kaw themes - Links

Johnny also:
created sunflowers (see the links above)
used a cottonwood tree to make his tools (see links above)
built and lived in a soddy (see links Johnny Kaw - The Story of the Statue above)
lived on the prairie (see links above)

The Legend of the Kansas Jayhawk
(from the University of Kansas)

Pioneer Trails and Westward Movement
Along the Chisholm Trail
The Oregon-Trail Home Page

Paul Bunyan
Paul Bunyan - Roadside America
(photos of Paul Bunyan statues around the country.)
Paul Bunyan - Wikipedia entry
Paul Bunyan in Bemidji, Minn.

Tall Tales
Tall Tales - EduScapes

Other Kansas themes from Johnny Kaw
The Dust Bowl - PBS Website

Wheat Mania! Kansas Wheathearts Educational Web

Aaron Shepard's Reader's Theater Editions
(Reader's theater scripts for several tall tales.)

Go to Johnny Kaw book page on this website.

Izzie themes - Links
Izzie Watercolors Products
CafePress Shop


Circus World Museum

Dolls from Izzie's Time
A Victorian Christmas - Dolls
Wax Dolls

Norwegian Americans:
The Norwegian American Home Page
The Norwegian Table
Norwegian Food and Recipes

Sons of Norway

Sons of Norway Recipes

Fergus Falls, Minnesota Links (Izzie's Town)
Fergus Falls, Minn. Chamber of Commerce Home Page

Fergus Falls Journal (online newspaper)

Minnesota Historical Society

Victorian Valentines

Go to the Izzie book page on this website

Imagicat themes - Links
Extraordinary Cats from PBS 
Great site with classroom ideas, too

How to Build a Frame Loom and Weave On It
Good pages of simply diagrammed instructions

See also the children's writer's links on this page, and links for Manhattan, Kansas (below) - Jeff's town.

Go to the Imagicat book page on this website.

Twister Twyla Themes

Barrel Racing - Wikipedia
Flint Hills Rodeo Association (Kansas)
Read about the rodeo mentioned in Twister Twyla.
Miss Rodeo Kansas Website
Strong City, Kansas, Rodeo Mural
(Flint Hills Rodeo, the one in Twister Twyla)

Women’s Professional Rodeo Association
Manhattan, Kansas Links
(Jeff's Town in Imagicat, location of the Johnny Kaw statue, and home of Ravenstone Press)
Kansas State University
The Manhattan Mercury
Manhattan Public Library
Marianna Kistler Beach Art Museum
Twister Twyla Themes
FEMA for Kids - Tornadoes
Photos from the National Weather Service Albums

Photos from the National Weather Service Albums (historic)

Kansas Tornado Chasers Home Page

Kansas Tornado Statistics
Kansas Tornadoes - Topeka Capitol Journal Article

Tornadoes...Nature's Most Violent Storms

The Online Tornado FAQ

SKYDIARY KIDSTORM - Facts About Tornadoes

The Tornado Project Online

Images of 32 different sizes, shapes and colors

Weather Watch - Tornadoes

(From Scholastic for teachers and students)

Resources - Understanding Tornadoes

The WhyFiles - Twister!
Dust Devils - Wikipedia entry
Dust Devils of Maricopa County, Arizona
Kansas Links
Blue Skyways
Children's Books about or set in Kansas
Cutler's History of the State of Kansas (online book)

Don Palmer's KansasPhotos.com

The Dwight D. Eisenhower Library

The Kansas Collection (history)
Kansas Heritage Center of Dodge City
The Kansas Heritage Group
Kansas Originals (Kansas arts and crafts)
Kansas Photo Tour
(photos of Kansas attractions)

Kansas Sampler

(Kansas Souvenirs & Products for sale)

Kansas State Historical Society

Kansas State Historical Society Kids' Pages
Kansas State Symbols
Kaw Mission State Historic Site
Kaw Nation Official Website

The Konza Prairie Nature Trail in June
The Konza Prairie Nature Trail in October
Prairie Museum of Art and History in Colby KS
Stately Knowledge - Just the Facts
(Kansas facts from IPL)

Steamboat Arabia Museum in Kansas City

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve -Wikipedia

Other Links (commercial sites):
Barnes and Noble
Folkmanis Puppets
Izzie Shop on CafePress.com
Kansas Trails Shop on CafePress.com
Got Bamboo? Shop on CafePress.com
Worriers Anonymous Shop on CafePress.com
Coffee Shop Writers - a group of Manhattan, Kansas women who write in a wide variety of genres from romance to fantasy, mainstream and literary fiction.

Jerri Garretson is the only children's and YA author among them.

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