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Published Authors of Children's & Young Adult Books 
Whose Names Begin With "U" & "V"
Books for those who work with Children and Young Adults:
(Published books for children, or for those who work with children
in school and library settings.) 

These authors also may have children's material of other types published (magazine pieces, etc.)  For those who have a book or two listed, the choice of titles was either theirs (which they mentioned in their initial email to Jerri), or Jerri picked a title.  Those authors' names that appear as links will take you to a page with their answers to the "Authors Among Us" questionnaire, featured books, and in some cases, a photo and contact information, and information on forthcoming books. 

Author's Name Library Experience Selected Books Internet Resources
Ruth Hill Viguers
Was a librarian at the Seattle Public Library, New York Public Library, International Institute for Girls (Madrid, Spain), American Library (Paris), Boone Library School instructor in Wuchang, China.  New York Public Library assistant superintendent of work with children, 1937-1943.
Lived 1903 - 1971.
(With Cornelia Meigs, Anne Eaton and Elizabeth Nesbitt)
A Critical History of Children's Literature
(With Marcia Dalphin and Bertha Mahoney Miller)
Illustrators of Children's Books 1946 - 1956.
Margin for Surprise
Ruth Hill Voguers - Outstanding Women in Children's Librarianship

Elizabeth Gray Vining
(Elizabeth Janet Gray)
B.S. Drexel Institute of Library Science in 1926.
Lived 1902 - 1999.
Windows for the Crown Prince
Adam of the Road
Elizabeth Gray Vining on Wikipedia

Emperor's ex-tutor passes away at 97

Elizabeth Gray Vining on Amazon.com
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