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Published Authors of Children's & Young Adult Books
Whose Names Begin With "I" or"J"

Books for those who work with Children and Young Adults:
(Published books for children, or for those who work with children
in school and library settings.) 

These authors also may have children's material of other types published (magazine pieces, etc.)  For those who have a book or two listed, the choice of titles was either theirs (which they mentioned in their initial email to Jerri), or Jerri picked a title.  Those authors' names that appear as links will take you to a page with their answers to the "Authors Among Us" questionnaire, featured books, and in some cases, a photo and contact information, and information on forthcoming books. 

Author's Name Library Experience Selected Books Internet Resources
Jeanne Ioannone
a.k.a. Gina Bell, Gina Bell-Zano
Was a library assistant. (Under Gina Bell): 
Andy and Mr. Wagner
Three Boys and a Dog
Presents for Johnny Jerome
No web page.
Gene Inyart (Namovicz) Was a children's librarian in Washington DC. The Tent Under the Spider Tree
Susan and Martin
Orange October
No web page
Constance Frick Irwin
(Also known as C.H. Frick, and Constance Frick)
Was a high school librarian in Evansville IN, and a college librarian at the University of Evansville.
Born 1913.
Against the Odds
Fair Gods and Stone Faces
Gudrid's Saga
No web page.
Robert Blake Jackson Was East Orange (NJ) Public Library coordinator of readers’ service, 1953-1966.
Born 1926. 
Road Racing USA
Joe Namath, Superstar
Quarter-Mile Combat: The Explosive World of Drag Racing.
No web page.
Gale SypherJacob (P) Was an elementary school librarian in NJ for 18 years. Independent Reading Grades One Through Three: An Annotated Bibliography with 
Reading Levels.
No web page.
J. Alison James Has been a librarian in Everett, MA, a school librarian in Milton, VT, at the North Contry School in Lake Placid, NY, and in Lincoln, VT and in Shelburne, VT
Eucalyptus Wings
The Drums of Noto Hano
Sing For a Gentle Rain
J. Alison James Home Page
Carolyn M. Johnson

Discovering Nature with Young People

Using Internet Primary Sources to Teach Critical Thinking Skills in the Sciences
Carolyn M. Johnson on AuthorsDen

Carolyn M. Johnson on Amazon.com
Elizabeth Johnson
(Deceased) 1984
Rochester NY Public Library children’s librarian, 1935-37.  Lynne MASS, supervisor of work with children, 1937-? She was a  librarian until retirement in 1971.
Lived 1911 - 1984.
The Little Knight, Stuck with Luck, Break a Magic Circle. No web page.
Patrick Jones (P) Was director of youth services, Houston Public Library, TX Connecting Young Adults and Libraries
What's So Scary About R.L. Stine?
Do the Right Thing!
Things Change
Connecting Young Adults and Libraries

Patrick Jones on Amazon.com
Jacqueline Jules
Elementary school librarian in Falls Church, Virginia
Noah and the Ziz
The Hardest Word
Clap and Count
Jacqueline Jules Home Page

Jacqueline Jules on Amazon.com
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